Quantum Resonance Copper Permanent Surface Disinfection Nano Copper Coating

  • Continuously Kills 99.99% bacteria, germs and viruses in 1 minute
  • This is a Permanent disinfectant nano-coating unless the coating is removed or destroyed.


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  • Water-Based, Gel Form Transparent Nano Copper Coating.
  • Using painting methods with brush to coat onto high touch hard surfaces including, door handle, switches, handrails, countertops, meeting room tables, armchair and any high touch surfaces.  After dry will form a layer of transparent disinfectant coating to continuously killing bacterias and viruses.
  • Not Suitable for soft surface and recoating if necessary.
Weight0.35 kg

45ml, 250ml


Aqua, Lithium Silicate-Modifiers Urethane Copolymer, Copper Sulfate

Shelf Life

2 years


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