Non-Alcohol-based/Chlorine-based Disinfectant

Easy to Apply

Mix with 1 to 2 liters of water and spray onto the surfaces and leave it to dry.

Fast and Effective in killing 99.99% SARS·COV-2, viruses that lead to COVID-19 sickness within 1 minute.

Long-Lasting and Cost Saving
Antimicrobial effect up to 24 hours on the surface hence able to reduce labor and solution cost.

Safe to be used
The diluted solution is safe and passes skin irritation, eye irritation, oral toxicity,  and inhalation toxicity test by Sirim Malaysia

Patented Technology with Proven Lab Test Reports on killing 99.99% coronavirus. Hand Foot Mouth Disease, Influenza A, MRSA, and Etc.

Weight 0.145 kg


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